Ancient Greek Day in Year 5

On Sunday 13th of November, Year 5 summarised all of our learning in humanities with a celebration of Ancient Greek Day. We arrived in school in our best Greek costumes – the fashion and style on show was superb. There were gorgeous white gowns, golden headbands, suits of armour and the twinkle of swords everywhere you looked.

Students applied their learning to make their own Greek game, paint a myth, run a mini-marathon, create a myth and a scavenger hunt quiz. All of these wonderful activities had us working up an appetite.

It was a good thing we organized a Greek feast too. We munched on Greek salads, halloumi, lamb meatballs, pitta bread, hummus and fruit salads. We had a blast and would like to thanks our teachers, Class Reps and parents for all of their hard work.

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