Academic & Emotional Wellbeing Seminar

The aim of the seminar is to raise awareness of additional needs and to help parents to understand what the term  “Additional Need” means and why we use it.

We will share information about:

  • Terminology

Teachers use terminology  that can be overwhelming for parents and we hope that the Seminar will address any fears, anxieties and concerns whilst re-assuring parents there is no negativity involved in having  children who require extra support in school.

  • Different types of additional needs

Additional needs can include social, emotional or academic difficulties and at times it can be challenging for parents to know whether their children are developing and making progress particularly in an international school.  We are mindful of the fact that many of our families don’t have their extended family close by for support or guidance, and for those who are new to English opportunities for children to develop relationships and attend social activities can be difficult because of the language barrier.

  • Identification

We will explain how an additional need is identified and what we do as a school to support the needs of children and their parents. We will also talk about the importance of early identification and intervention including the benefits this has for the children in the long term.

  • How to access advice and support

The Inclusion Team will present to parents of what we do in school  and how parents can access support, guidance and advice should they have any concerns about their children.  In addition there will be a presentation form a Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist from the Maudsley Clinic.

There will be three sessions; one morning Arabic session and two English sessions as follows:

  • **Arabic Session: **24th January 2017, 8-10am, Forum 1
  • **English Morning Session: **31st January 2017, 8-10am, Forum 2
  • English Afternoon Session: 31st January 2017, 6-8pm, Forum 2

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