Abu Dhabi Art 2018

On Thursday 15th November our GCSE and IB visual art students visited the 10th annual Abu Dhabi Art exhibitions at Manarat Al Saadiyat. Here’s what they had to say.


Tomaz, Year 12 Student
In our visit to Abu Dhabi Art, we came across an amalgamation of culture, getting to explore a multitude of different media and techniques by artists from all corners of the earth. One of the recurring themes we came across was the exploration of identity through art, where artists used their artistic side to really dive into the roots of their nationalities.

We learned about artists with dual heritage adapting different segments of their culture into their pieces, including cultural imagery and traditional techniques to reflect on how they themselves feel about their identity. We learned about a female artist that used sculptures as a means of releasing her anger about the topic, utilising colours, forms and textures as a means of expression. One of my favourite pieces was by a Pakistani artist who grew up in America using shadows and language to investigate the spiritual side of their culture.

Overall it was an incredibly enjoyable and educational trip that has given me lots of inspiration for my own pieces.


Ashwaty, Year 11 Student
Going to Abu Dhabi Art for the second time was somehow even better than the first!

The artwork was truly moving, it's all so different yet fits together perfectly like pieces in a puzzle. We visited two galleries, gallery A and gallery M and honestly my favourite part of both was definitely reading the stories about each individual artwork, it really brings out and enhances the emotion of the work and if possible, makes it even more beautiful!

Going to AD art really is one of the most incredible things and if given the opportunity, I'd go 100 more times!


Hannah, Year 11 Student
Today we had the opportunity to view new artworks on the Manarat Al Saadiyat Abu Dhabi art trip.

My favourite piece was by an artist who used melted metal on wood to create a raw and aesthetically pleasing composition. I feel inspired to experiment with paint on different surfaces, such as linen, fabric, or even wood.

Overall, the exhibition was an exceptional learning experience that explored different identities, including the refugee crisis, world religions, light and shadows. The large variety of artworks goes to show how diverse and inclusive the art world is.