A New Year

It is a real pleasure to welcome all our students and their families to another school year at BIS Abu Dhabi.

For all our returning families, whether you travelled overseas or remained in the UAE, I hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday. It was a longer holiday than usual so I am sure the students were very eager to get back to school again. Perhaps their parents are keen for them to get back also!

Can I also extend a very warm welcome to all the new families that have joined BIS Abu Dhabi this term. Starting a new school can be a nervous time for some but I can assure you that we have a very caring community here who will always be ready to help with whatever you need. Everyone here was a newcomer once and there were always people around who looked after us too.

I hope all the students have had an enjoyable first few days. It is always so exciting to meet up with old friends but also to meet new ones and to meet new teachers too. Again, if there is anything at all the teachers can assist with please do feel free to contact them directly and they will always do their best to help.
A new year is an exciting time for meeting people and it is also an exciting time for learning. All children are now one year older and will be encountering new and more challenging work for the first time. My simple message to all would be to keep our motto in mind which is “Be Ambitious”. Work may be more challenging but putting in maximum effort and collaborating with friends and teachers can always lead to success. Aim high and be confident in all that you do and you will end up feeling very proud of what you have achieved.

I wish you all an extremely successful and enjoyable year ahead.

Patrick Horne