A message from the Head of Primary

“A positive learning climate in a school for children is a composite of many things.  It is an attitude that respects children.  It is a place where children receive guidance and encouragement from the responsible adults around them.  It is an environment where children can experiment and try out new ideas without fear or failure.  It is an atmosphere that builds children’s self-confidence so they dare to take risks.  It is an environment that nurtures a love of learning.”

Each day as the children arrive at school, I am usually at the entrance welcoming the students and thinking about what the day ahead holds.

Some things are certain. I will be greeted by many happy smiling faces who always make a point of saying good morning.  I will see children proudly carrying in examples of the home learning that they have been working on, often over a number of days. This can come in the form of written stories, pictures and paintings of various sizes, elaborate models representing famous landmarks from Italy and Greece (at the moment) plus many other things.  In addition to this, it is not uncommon to see children dressed as Explorers, Ancient Egyptians, or dressed in Pink to support the charity cause. You just never know what each new day will bring.

Visiting classes throughout the day and talking to the students about their learning, talking to them as they move around the school from one lesson to another and seeing them proudly and confidently take part in assemblies showcasing their learning to peers and parents is an absolute joy. There can be no doubt that as a result of us all working together, we have an environment ” that nurtures a love of learning”. We have a lot planned in the coming weeks and I look forward to welcoming prospective new families to our school on Wednesday so that they can witness first hand our positive learning climate and exceptional children.