A message from the Head of Primary

You, undoubtedly, have read recent articles and seen advertising posters around school publicising that we will be hosting the BSME Games next week starting on the 2nd March and concluding on the 4th March. BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) is one of the largest organisations for British Curriculum Schools in the world with currently just over 100 Member Schools educating over 95,000 children in ten countries. We are indeed honoured to be hosting and welcoming athletes from 12 member schools as the Games are often the pinnacle of many schools sporting calendars. The core purpose of the Games is:

  • to provide students with a variety of sporting opportunities at an appropriate level for all member schools in a safe and competitive environment;
  • to ensure equal opportunity and participation to both boys and girls;
  • to ensure the Games provide a learning experience in sportsmanship and in the value of healthy competition;
  • to understand the value of the benefits of training in preparation for competition;
  • to enable students to specialise in sports appropriate to their age group.

Our competing students have been training hard in the run-up to this event and I am confident that regardless of the sporting result, they will be excellent ambassadors for our school and demonstrate the values, ethos and community spirt that runs throughout BIS Abu Dhabi. This will truly be a memorable experience for everyone involved – not only competitors, but the support team of students, parents and teachers that have been working tirelessly in the background preparing for the event. We have such a strong and supportive community and I am sure that the Games will be a great success. I hope that you will be able to offer your support to not only our team but also to the 360 athletes and supporters visiting our school, so that they have a truly memorable experience and further enhance our reputation as a provider of high quality education throughout the region. I look forward to seeing you there.