A message from the Head of Primary

I have been asked on many occasions what it is that makes our school such a special place. This question often comes from prospective parents seeking a place for their children at our school and also from teachers applying to work at our school in the future. There are undoubtedly many factors which contribute to the success and effectiveness of a school so the answer is not always straightforward.

When referencing our school, one word which is often talked about is the ethos of the school and feel of the school which can often be difficult to quantify. Our values of Respect, Honesty and Kindness are clear to see in every interaction we have at school and our philosophy of “Be Ambitious” permeates everything we do.

Another strength of the School which we often talk about is the truly international dimension with our students coming from over 80 different countries. This exposure to a variety of different cultures and backgrounds is extremely enriching for all children, celebrating diversity and differences, allowing children to grow up into emotionally mature, well-rounded individuals with a better understanding of the world around them. This international experience undoubtedly opens doors for our students when applying for Universities around the world placing fewer limits and restrictions on them.

The number of different languages that our students speak, the acceptance that the World is now becoming a very small place and understanding different cultures from first-hand experience through friendships, equip our students well for the future.

In order to further celebrate our uniqueness and international dimension, we will be celebrating International week next week, I hope that you will support us as ever in the events planned and look forward to you joining us for the parade on Thursday. I hope you will agree,  this diversity contributes to making our school a truly special place!