A Good Deed for a Good Cause

Over the holidays, Andriana H. from Year 7 participated in an amazing act of charity, as she details below:

Going back to my home country during the spring break, I met my best friend and I found that she had her hair cut. She said to me: “I donated my hair to a charity for children with cancer.” I was so impressed by her action. She actually inspired me to also have my hair cut and donate it as well for the same purpose.

I told my mother about it and I decided to go together with my friend for my haircut. I was so excited for the day to come and I could hardly wait for it. It was a strange feeling seeing the hair that you’ve been growing for years being cut off. But it was for a good cause. I donated my hair as well, to a charity in Cyprus, for children with cancer, for the purpose that we all can imagine.

Huge well done to Andriana for her charity work – an inspiration to us all!

Anna Carey, Head of Year 7