A Busy School

I have written before about the changes in education over time. For many of us adults, we look back on our schooldays and recall places which were very different. There were occasional trips or Sports Days for example, but essentially much of education was focused on the acquisition of knowledge and on passing exams. Many schools from the last century were referred to as “exam factories”.

Society has changed a lot in recent years and there are now greater expectations on schools to offer more to help develop all aspects of children as they grow up. This can range from academic, to moral, to social, to physical, to so many other areas.

Although the above list might sound like an additional burden, at BIS Abu Dhabi, we would fully endorse such an expansion of the role of a school. If, by working with families, we can contribute to all the different ways in which children develop then we can help them to grow up to become more responsible citizens who can make a positive difference to their world.

Just by looking at the BIS Abu Dhabi calendar for December we see the following as examples:

  • Year 8 Mangroves Trip
  • FS2 Winter Show
  • Swimming Galas for boys
  • Arts Café
  • PTA Coffee Morning and Table Top Sale
  • Year 10 and Year 12 trip to Tanzania
  • Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
  • House Talent Show
  • FS2 Pyjama Day
  • Year 11 and Year 13 Mock Exams
  • Year 1 Journey trip
  • Lollipop Theatre at the school, performing Sinbad

As you can see, there is lots going on.… which is of course a great thing! All these opportunities combined provide an environment which helps students engage in new experiences and benefit from an atmosphere of aiming high and Being Ambitious.

A busy school is likely to be a successful one. The members of staff put in lots of effort to make all these “added extras” happen, but the contribution of parents and particularly the PTA should also be recognised and applauded – it is only through links and support from all our community that so many events can be run together and have an impact on all of our students.