Taking A Break!

There are many jobs and industries which are fairly steady all year round. However, education is not one of them! Terms are intensely busy with so much going on and the students and teachers get swept up with so many regular activities in school as well as all the special events which take place. It can be quite tiring being part of a busy school, but of course it is incredibly rewarding too.

One thing to therefore be particularly aware of is the importance of holidays. Towards the end of term it is inevitable that energy levels start to dip, so it is vital that time is taken during holidays to simply relax, spend time with family and friends and slowly recharge. We all want students to be ready to give their best next term so it is good to ensure they are well rested for when the busy-ness starts again.

This term has seen so many achievements. From FS1 students who had their very first day of school back in August, to our Year 13 students who are currently planning their applications to University. It is such a privilege to be part of this and to watch young lives grow, and it is even more of a privilege to do so at BIS Abu Dhabi. People arrive here from all over the world wishing to join the school; we are warmly welcomed by the UAE and by all our generous local families, and the community of BIS Abu Dhabi continues to thrive every year and make a big difference to every student who enters our gates.

My thanks go to all parents for their contributions this term, and also to our incredible staff who go the extra mile each and every day. I can assure you they have fully earnt their holidays!

On a personal note, can I also just add here my immense thanks to so many parents and students for their support and their kind words regarding my forthcoming operation. This says so much about the BIS Abu Dhabi community and also means so much to me personally. As I have said before though, I am one of over 270 staff who work here every day and all the others will still be here, continuing to do amazing things to help the students learn and develop. I will hopefully be back before too long though, only this time with everything in better working order!

My best wishes to all students, parents and families for a restful break. Take time for yourselves and for each other and best wishes for all success in 2017.