Message from the Head of Secondary

Having always been a fan of listening to music, and an even greater fan of listening to live music, it was with a sense of great anticipation that I awaited this morning’s live viola concert performed by New York based and Julliard trained violist and composer Jessica Meyer, using a technique new to me, at least, a loop pedal. I attended the concert for Years  5-9 students in our Auditorium and it is no understatement to say that the atmosphere was ‘electric’! The performance of Jessica’s own composed pieces was to my ears faultless, passionate and reached out to the students as individuals. The applause at the end of each piece was rapturous, and deservedly so. I am looking forward to further visits and collaborations from Julliard under the leadership of Ms James.

Some may question the purpose of listening to live music…so it is interesting that a research paper (in the journal Public Health) published this year found out that listening to live music can cause a reduction in stress, including the steroid cortisol. It has been known for a long time that listening to music and singing can have a positive effect on our well-being. The research found also that it didn’t matter how musical the test subjects were, the simple act of listening to live music reduced their blood concentrations of the stress hormones which can only be seen as a positive in the long term.

I look forward to more live music in school and a less stressful life!