New Traffic Route - Update

Dear Parents,

You will have noticed last term the commencement of the new Zayed City development that is taking place next to the school. As a result of this we have been informed that the existing main road to school will need to be closed for the next few months. Work on the road is now due to start on Saturday 16th December 2017. Approval from the Police department was given to start the work at the commencement of the winter break, therefore limiting the impact for parents and students. We are advised that the work will finish by 1st March 2018.

A detour has been implemented by Abu Dhabi Municipality for access to the school. In future, instead of turning left at the roundabout outside Abu Dhabi University, all visitors to BIS Abu Dhabi should turn right at the roundabout and proceed the other way around the University. The exit from school is back along the same route.

In order to minimise traffic congestion, parking will no longer be available directly outside the Primary entrance, however parents will still be able to drop their children off here. Additional parking will still be available further on towards the University accommodation. Should Primary parents wish to park and accompany their children into school, please use the additional car parking or park at the main entrance side of the school. Please see the attached maps for clarification of the new routes and parking areas.

We have held many discussions with the authorities in order to enable the least disruption to traffic, but also to support the quick completion of the building development. Additional signage and manpower will also be in place to manage the traffic accordingly and help us all get used to the arrangements.

We are very lucky at BIS Abu Dhabi to have the amount of parking that we do. I would like to thank all parents for their support next term in helping all children stay safe in the car park whilst these new arrangements are in place.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Horne